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A quantum leap is a way to shift into a brand-new reality immediately. Why take the stairs when you can take the elevator?
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It’s a surprising (on the verge of magical) scaling detected in subatomic levels where electrons leap into another orbit around the nucleus, on being triggered by outside energy. As a contrast, it’s similar to Earth moving into Mars’ orbit instantly, without moving through the 250 million kilometers between. Scientists are intrigued by the parallels in the quantum universe as well as the observable world. Where a lot of the classic scientific concepts have been put to the test given the findings on duality, entanglement, observer effect, along with many others. It’s an exciting field. A quantum leap is a way to shift into a brand-new reality immediately. Why take the stairs when you can take the elevator?

Quantum Leap in business?

There have been countless different cases of Quantum Leaps we’ve observed within the last 20+ years. In reality, four of the top six most valuable companies in the world now were shaped during this time having undergone a few Quantum Leaps in their route towards the top – Amazon (1994), Alphabet (1998), Facebook (2004), Alibaba (1999) with older Apple (1976), and Microsoft (1975).

Can it happen in any business?
Yes! While the tech boom has significantly assisted these four in their Quantum Leaps, my inference is that there are additional fundamental facets required for a company to undergo a Quantum Leap, for example:

  • Take Risks. Don’t Waste Your Time Avoiding Failure.
  • Be Persistent. Make Your Own Luck.
  • Whatever You Are Creating is Useless if it Doesn’t Find an Audience to Serve.
  • Never Stop Learning. Give Back.

Given that bureaucracy in large companies chokes typically the principles, particularly agility and focus, Quantum Leaps almost exclusively occur in the realms of small and midsize companies.

Why are quantum leaps rare?
99 percent of the companies on earth are small and medium companies in which the principles of

Quantum Leap is present. Nevertheless, instead of creating useful jumps, we find colossal failure occurs!

To safeguard a new or established business from falling into the 80% of failed companies. It is necessary to understand what can lead to business failure and how each obstacle can be managed or avoided altogether.

How can we  help?
Quantum leaps occur because you actually address the real problem with your business. And I can guarantee you that every problem in your business is due to the way you think. Every single one.

Most people operate with a mindset that assumes success comes one step at a time. That’s expected growth. Climb the ladder of achievement level by level, improving performance by maybe 6% or so, year over year. Not bad.

But for decades, I have worked with companies on Quantum Leaps, businesses growing by 100% in a matter of months.

It sounds like it would be harder. But exponential results actually can come more natural for organizations or for you as an individual. You just have to follow the rules for the breakthrough.

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